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    If I want cake, I am going to eat cake.

    And maybe tonight I will stop believing that after ten o’clock you should not consume anything solid for fear of becoming bloated and enormous. Maybe I will stop cringing at the thought of midnight feasts and desserts and chocolate ice cream.

    Maybe I will screw up the magazines that advise drinking as much water as is humanly possibly to flush the “toxins” out of your body, and to eat lemon after lemon because they are supposedly “cleansing”. Because maybe all that is “toxic” in my life is the belief that I am defined by what I eat.

    Maybe for once I will wear something bright because black may be “slimming” but yellow and orange and green reflect my personality so much better. And maybe I will allow myself to feel good about the colours, to not look in the mirror and want to rip everything off, including my own skin.

    And if tonight it is 1am and I want to eat cake, you better believe that I am going to eat it.

    I am going to rip up the pretense that living off vegetables makes you a better person. I am going to destroy the notion that cutting carbs or fat or counting calories so closely you could swear you’d memorised the content of apples and oranges and pears makes you more lovable or deserving of affection.

    Because when did being “healthy” suddenly becomes synonymous with hating yourself? A body is only as healthy as its mind, so maybe tonight when you feel like cake, you should get up, march over there and tell yourself “If I want cake, I am going to eat cake.”

    — Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #37 (Stop trying to fit a square into a circular mold)

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    *snaps fingers in a dragon formation*

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    The serving size on a package of hummus reads “2 TBSP”. That always makes me LOL. I eat 2 tbsp of hummus as the appetizer before I actually start eating hummus for real. Make some delicious homemade hummus with different creative flavorings and eat till you feel satisfied. Listen to your body not the label. 

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